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Hanger's Voting Record

Donate today to protect free speech and the truth against Senator Emmett Hanger's attempt to shut us down for exposing his horrible voting record.


On August 5th, the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives received a notice that Senator Emmett Hanger (R-24) has filed numerous complaints with the State Elections Board.

These complaints stem from two separate literature drops we did prior to the 2019 Primary election, highlighting Hanger's voting record against Constitutional Carry and for tax payer funded abortion.

Hanger claims we upset voters by exposing his anti-gun and pro abortion voting record, and is attempting to use the power of the State to fine us out of existence.

We are of course fighting his efforts, but we must be clear, this is an effort to kill free speech in the Commonwealth.

We have obtained counsel, but this will be a very costly battle. As an all volunteer PAC we do not have the funds to pay a possible $20,000 in fines and litigation costs.

Please donate whatever you can so that we can continue to shine the hard light of truth on the backdoor deals and horrible voting records of politicians in Richmond.

And join with us as we fight for free speech, the Constitution, individual liberty and a fiscally responsible government.

Thank you.

In Liberty,

S. Chris Anders


Virginia Constitutional Conservatives

Letter received on August 5th, 2019

Hanger's complaint for VCC exposing his horrible voting record