Virginia Constitutional Conservatives

Board of Directors


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S. Chris Anders

S. Chris Anders is the President of Virginia Constitutional Conservatives as well as a senior consultant with the West Virginia Liberty Political Action Committee and the the Campaign for Liberty. Has has also served as a consultant to the National Association of Gun Rights, West Virginia Christian Conservatives, We the People, National Pro Life Alliance and the Educational Freedom Foundation.

Mr. Anders is the President of Acton Advocacy Group, a state level political consulting firm.

With over 15 years experience in politics, he has served on Presidential, Congressional and state level campaigns while also working with issue-focused groups to promote the Constitution and individual liberty.



Steven Thomas

Steven Thomas is a veteran nonprofit executive and political consultant who has guided six organizations as CEO and an additional three as Chairman. He has raised over $8 million for a variety of liberty-minded candidates and causes, and is a former candidate for House of Delegates in Virginia. He has a Master of Arts degree and Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University.


Kathryn Williams

Kathryn Williams is a communications and public affairs strategist experienced in local, state, and federal campaigns and policy development. She has more than twenty years’ experience advocating for Constitutional principles and setting the record straight against liberal progressives and intra-party heretics.  She has held executive leadership positions for more than a decade, including city and county unit chairmanships, women’s club presidents, and executive board leadership roles. A former home educator and public-school teacher, she was named Outstanding Teacher of the Year by her local VFW post for her commitment to community, Commonwealth, and Country. Kathryn is an alumna of the Hague Academy of International Law, William & Mary, and Liberty University.

She is currently writing a book analyzing the culture war and its effect on faith and family.