Virginia Constitutional Conservatives

County School Board Candidate Survey 2019


Only an engaged and active citizen can protect their Constitutional and individual rights. Please download and print our 2019 Candidate Surveys and ask your local and state candidates to fill them out and sign them.

Then please email the scanned copy to so that we can inform the voters of their candidates' stances on these important issues.

If a candidate refuses to fill out the survey, please email us as well and let us know of their refusal to go on record on these important issues.

Personal liberty means personal responsibility of your own life, liberty and property. 

Question I


The right to self-defense is one of man’s most basic natural rights. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution says no law shall be made to infringe on the “right to bear arms.”


1) Will you oppose all attempts to further restrict the rights of free citizens to keep and bear arms?


YES____ NO_____

Even though it is a violation of State Code, around the Commonwealth, local and county governments are working to remove or move historical monuments to Virginia War Veterans and renaming schools and school districts honoring those same veterans.

   2) Will you oppose any attempts to move, remove or modify existing historical monuments to Virginia veterans and the renaming of schools and school districts honoring those veterans?


  YES____ NO_____

Question II

Even though 67% of parents, in a nationwide survey conducted by the Federation for Children, support School Choice, children and their parents are forced to attend public schools in the majority of the nation unless their parents can afford to pay twice for their education.


  3) Will you support School Choice and restore parental rights?


  YES____ NO_____

Question III

Around the country, and right here in Virginia, school boards have been adopting policies, in violation of students’ right to privacy, forcing children to accept members of the opposite sex in their bathroom facilities and showers.


 4) Will you oppose any efforts to allow members of the opposite sex, as defined by science, in our children’s bathrooms and shower facilities?  


 YES____ NO_____

Question IV

As a response to the rare, but deadly, school shooting incidents, many school districts are permitting teachers to carry concealed firearms for the protection of their own life and the students they are responsible for.


 5) Will you support efforts to allow teachers in your county to carry concealed firearms on school property?


YES____ NO_____ 

Question V

Across the nation children are forced into standardized testing which results in ‘teaching to the test’ rather than true education.

6) Will you support efforts to remove standardized testing and restore the educational system?


YES_____     NO____ 

Question VI

Free speech is the hallmark of a free society and protected under the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution.  However, educational systems across the country have been violating this vital right and instead enforcing political correctness policies.

7) Will you oppose any efforts to stifle free speech and the right to associate, or not, as defined in the United States Constitution?


 YES______    NO_____               

Question VII





Survey Results - County School Board

Key: Y+ will sponsor, Y for yes support, N for no support, R Refused to Answer