Virginia Constitutional Conservatives


The Virginia Constitutional Conservatives are dedicated to fighting for individual liberty and the Constitution, whether it is the 2nd Amendment, or the 6th, we hold all of your constitutionally protected rights key to preserving our great State and Country.

In the 2018 Legislative Session in  Virginia, VCC is working on four key issues

 NULLIFY Obamacare in Virginia.

Following in the footsteps of South Carolina, we are working to introduce legislation, under the 10th Amendment, to prohibit anyone from forcing you to purchase Obamacare, effectively rendering the Law null and void within the State of Virginia


Protecting our History and Monuments

Working with legislators to preserve our historical heritage and markers and preventing the use of such for political gain.

We must stop the War on History

Constitutional Carry

The right to self-defense is one of man’s most basic natural rights. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution says no law shall be made to infringe on the “right to bear arms”. Eleven States currently allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons without a permit; these are called “Constitutional Carry” states. These States allow citizens to protect themselves and their families from criminals by not restricting their right to self-defense.

Life at Conception                                                                    

 Life, Liberty and Property are the three main principles our Republic was founded upon.  With Life being first and foremost.