Virginia Constitutional Conservatives

2018 Town of Leesburg Special Election Survey


The Virginia Constitutional Conservatives is a growing group of citizens who believe passionately in preserving individual freedom and constitutional government. 

Your position on issues relating to the preservation of liberty, limited government and individual privacy is of very strong interest to our members in your district. Would you please take a moment to complete and return the enclosed candidate survey? 

The survey results may be shared with our members.

Question 1

Will you support or introduce an effort to reduce and eliminate taxes and fees on residents?

YES____ NO_____ 

Question II


 Will you oppose all tax increases, new fees or fee increases?


YES____ NO_____ 

Question III


Will you support an effort to allow food trucks in Leesburg?


YES____ NO_____ 


Will you work to end County Double Tax?


 YES____ NO_____


Question IV                                                                      


Will you oppose any effort to use eminent domain to seize private property for the use of private interests?


  YES____ NO_____

Question V

Will you oppose moving, removing, adapting or destroying historical markers and memorials?



Question VI

Survey Results

Key: ✅ = yes, ❌ = no, ➖ = Chose not to answer