Virginia Constitutional Conservatives

County Candidate Survey 2019


Only an engaged and active citizen can protect their Constitutional and individual rights.Please download and print our 2019 Candidate Surveys and ask your local and state candidates to fill them out and sign them.

Then please email the scanned copy to so that we can inform the voters of their candidates' stances on these important issues.

If a candidate refuses to fill out the survey, please email us as well and let us know of their refusal to go on record on these important issues.

Personal liberty means personal responsibility of your own life, liberty and property. 

Question I

The right to self-defense is one of man’s most basic natural rights. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution says no law shall be made to infringe on the “right to bear arms.”

1) Will you oppose all attempts to further restrict the rights of free citizens to keep and bear arms?


YES____ NO_____

There are efforts at the County level to further restrict the right to hunt or shoot on private property, even though state Law and Tort law already prevent the irresponsible us of firearms.

   2) Will you oppose any effort to further restrict hunting or shooting on private property?

  YES____ NO_____

Question II

With taxpayers paying more to government than they spend on housing, clothing and food combined in a year, government has far outgrown its moral bounds.  

  3) Will you oppose any new or increased taxes, fees or tolls in your county?           

   YES____ NO_____

Question III

Even though it is a violation of State Code, around the Commonwealth, local and county governments are working to remove or move historical monuments to Virginia War Veterans.

 4) Will you oppose any attempts to move, remove or modify existing historical monuments to Virginia veterans?

  YES____ NO_____

Question IV

Even though taxpayers have already paid for the construction of state highways through the State Income Tax, Virginia residents are forced to pay outrageous tolls on Route 66 and other state highways essentially amounting to double taxation.

 5) Will you oppose any tolls on taxpayer funded highways?

YES____ NO_____ 

Question V

In the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Kelo v. New London, the United States Supreme Court ruled that private property cannot be taken by government and conveyed to a private entity for development.  However the practice of using government force to take property from private citizens for private corporation profits still continues.  In the state of Virginia, the state constitution allows the General Assembly to define what “public use” means, so in order to prevent private corporations from using Eminent Domain, a constitutional amendment must be passed in order to complete reform in favor of property owners.

6) Will you support a constitutional amendment to once and for all end the use of Eminent Domain for private corporation profit?


YES_____     NO____ 

Question VI

Around the country, local governments and county boards have been passing ordinances to require private companies to allow men to use women’s bathrooms or vice versa.

7) Will you oppose any efforts to force private companies to allow men in women’s restrooms, or women in men’s restrooms, and shower facilities?

 YES______    NO_____    

Question VII





As a response to the rare, but deadly, school shooting incidents, many school districts are permitting teachers to carry concealed firearms for the protection of their own life and the students they are responsible for.

8) Will you support efforts to allow teachers in your county to carry concealed firearms on school property?

 YES______    NO_____             

Question VIII 




Survey Results - Board of Supervisors

Key: Y+ will sponsor, Y for yes support, N for no support, R Refused to Answer